Table © consists of only one panel of plywood with a simple cut and some holes made with a CNC machine. Its particular design allows a drastic reduction of waste and energy during realisation phase. It can be used both inside and outside.
Date: 2007
Paper cup is a foldable and disposable cup made of bioplastic. Pressing the sides it gets a characteristic 3D shape with base
Date: 2006
Oxford city bikes for
Date: 2012
Nephilia coffee table for
Date: 2012
Tic-tac side table for
Date: 2012
Sunshine outdoor collection
Date: 2008
Joseph dining set collection for
Date: 2011
This is an experiment done in collaboration with Luca Frattari (PhD Student of the University of Camerino Department Procam). Structure has been analized with Optistruct software, generally used in automotive and aerospace application which allows to understand which material is not necessary structurally. The result is a re-designed chair made with the minimum possible quantity of material. The first chair model is based on the Jerszy Seymour's one produced by Magis while the second one is a new optimized design.
Date: 2008
Rubika is multifunctional compact kitchen. It's designed for small spaces to give wide versatility of the kitchen's space. You can use the kitchen and the table as you want and as you need by moving and rotating it.
Project done in collaboration with Michele Monopoli and Stefano Ogis.
Date: 2008
Woody collection for Dal Ben with Emo Design (magnetic wall knife holder)
Date: 2009
Tourer GT
Tourer GT foldable bike collection for
Date: 2012
"EEM" is a WC system that can reuse the water from the washbasin and the shower unit instead of using using clean water.
Finalist of the Dyson Design Award (2007) and Winner on the website
Date: 2007
Smart box
Smart box is a innovative shoe box. The main feature is the opening, it's "automatic" and it's moved onto the front side, thus one can get the shoes from the box without extract the box too. Moreover, Smart Box with stackable capability can become itself the furniture of a retail space, in order to reduce environmental impact and give a cool look to the shop.
Date: 2008
Paso doble
Paso doble is a innovative concept of shoes. The research take place from the idea of reconverting the traditional way shoes making, in way to reduce environment footprint. The idea is that every one can built itself his own shoe on his foot. A biodegradable material (fabrican ltd spray-on fabric) is spraied over a basic shoe specially designed. The shoe can be therefore cutomized as preferred and process can be re-made anytime as spray fabric can be removed and recycle onto the organic waste. Project in collaboration with Flavia Aventaggiato and Giulia Ciuoli.
Date: 2008
Design and product visualization for Cato Odontotecnica.
Date: 2009
TT Collection
T.mono & is a project done in collaboration with iGuzzini Lighting. These office lighting systems are developed in order to maximize comfort and energy saving. The concept is that intensity, width and light direction can be adjusted by the computer's webcam the user is working on.
Date: 2009
Sustainable design is the art of designing physical objects and the built environment to comply with the principles of economic, social and ecological sustainability (LCC, SLCA, LCA).
The needed aim of sustainable design is to produce places, products and services in a way that minimizes environmental impact.
Proponents of sustainable design generally believe the crisis may be resolved by using innovative design and industrial practices which reduces the environmental impacts.
Sustainable design is also referrer to as "gree design", "eco-design" or "design for environment".
This study case shows how eco-design can improve environmental impact of a product.
The case takes into consideration a scale made about 15 years ago. The product have been analyzed studing which materials can be reduced, changed and simplified.
The two last images represent the impact of the original product vs the re-designed one, which result shows is almost five times more environmentally friendly. (analisy was done with Ecoscan).
Date: 2008
How to be completely sustainable, with Daniel Tonon
Date: 2009
Designer/Project Manager with 7 years of experience in design, marketing, product development and production gained with multinational companies and design offices.
International background, born and grow up in Italy, lived last 4 years between London and Shanghai.
Graduated at IUAV of Venice in Industrial Design and got a Master degree in eco-design and eco-innovation from University of Camerino.
He worked for, Cibic workshop, Retail Design, iGuzzini Lighting and Emo Design.
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